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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Afterlife proof!

“Be seein’ ya’ll, real soon!” is the first coherent message received and decoded from the great beyond.

It began with an exhibition of historical photographs from the pioneering days of country & western railroads, selected from the archives of Dischman & Crombie, Inc. Reviews of art galleries hosting the ‘how they won the west’ touring show, sponsored by the Kubrickian Institute (NYC), had conflicting reports of where a particular figure was standing in a certain picture. Was he on the left or right of the centre..? “It was as if he was uncertain of his place in the tableau,” remarked one prescient commentator about this story of the century.

Boffins at LabCentral ‘fringe division’ examined the photograph (Warwick PX#17) in question, finding that it was taken by self-styled 19th century alchemist, Paedverton Morningside III, an experimenter and part-time dentist who was renowned amongst photography historians for adding “a few drops” of his own patent-pending ‘snake oil restorative’ (ingredients unknown!) to his developing chemicals. Time-lapse studies revealed that a figure, later dubbed ‘Survivor #1’, opened and closed his eyes over a period of 42 hours. Verification of the LC observations suggested this was ‘blinking’ but only viewed in extreme slow-motion!

The photograph was then digitally scanned, and the ‘motile’ figure used to provide an avatar for Mega-Dynamics’ VR matrix ‘Second Spin’, where a mod (accelerator plug-in) permitted LabCentral experts to match temporal velocities with Survivor #1, and so make an historic ‘first contact’ in 2Spin virtuality with “a deceased personage, now residing on the other side.”

Amongst many lucrative offers, from interested parties, global media pundits and assorted opportunists, that have been pouring in for ‘contactee’ Survivor #1… there’s an open-ended contract to appear on new reality-TV show Get Me Out Of Here, I’m Dead.

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