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Friday, 11 March 2011


Remember the recent social craze for ‘mobile phones’?  

They were such tiny little gadgets that were always getting lost – just like all those silly remote controls for televisions (before LabCentral’s patent voice-recognition circuits forever changed the way that everyone channel surfs on their new hi-def widescreen home viewing sets!), and clamshell fones were always beeping off, or buzzing so annoyingly like pickpocket flies – to interrupt your important business meetings or social occasions and conversations that you would prefer to enjoy with real people…
Wow! That 3D looks great!
Now, all of that’s going to change very soon, and for the better, thanks to LabCentral’s greatest technological innovation yet, the INTEROCITOR!  

Global video communications at the flick of a switch and the turn of a dial

No more of that fiddly web-cam nonsense to bother about. Interocitor is a sturdy home appliance that will be a magnificent addition to your designer furnishings 

Interplanetary conference calls are free with every premium package
It's not my fault!
 LabCentral’s Interocitor* 
– in touch and in tune with tomorrow’s world, today!
* Some easy home assembly required

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