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Thursday, 8 September 2016

White House of M

Deeply offended by the Marvel overlords’ decision to expose Captain America as an agent of Hydra, Steve Rogers goes to Latvia and steals Dr Doom’s ultimate magical time machine. A newly transcendent Rogers travels the meta-verse, assassinating the alien Watcher’s secret mortal wives - Alice, Dorothy, and Wendy. This moral betrayal provokes Uatu’s cosmic wrath, and the Watcher expels Rogers from Marvel’s fictional universe into human reality. 

The uber-Rogers arrives on Earth (2016) and promptly announces his independent run for the US presidency. With support from Chris Evans, Stan Lee, and legions of Avengers fans, Rogers expects to win by a landslide. His first act is to lead the United Nations into declaring peace on Earth. 

Would you vote for Steve Rogers as World President?

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